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Pulse-modulated radiation from mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless routers or Bluetooth connections can be found virtually everywhere in our highly technological world. Wherever this type data transmission is used, these fields exist. Whether in the office or at home - and unfortunately also in the bedroom - we are often exposed to these fields throughout the day.


When examining people who were extensively exposed to pulse modulated fields with Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt (BaPS), you will always find the same resulting regulation deficits. BaPS describes these deficits as a total of six special fundamental frequency values (22,50; 34,57; 65,11; 78,65; 86,85; 87,79).


These six fundamental frequency values have been integrated into the six dipole antenna systems of the HF-RAYEX in accordance with the principles of BaPS and can be harmonized in the organism.


Interesting studies on cellular biology reveal that by means of such fundamental frequency values the regulation ability of cell structures is positively influenced. The studies can be found at: www.rayonex.de/studien

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